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Organizing Thought

Organizing your thoughts is just as important as organizing your things.

The conversation about clutter is immense and yes, relevant.  Decluttering involves sifting and sorting through possessions. This overflows into your lifestyle of relationships, diet, work and habits.

Think of putting flour into a sifter as you watch the lumps disappear and become a refined soft mound in the bottom of the bowl. Sometimes, there are lumps that are hard and won’t go through the sifter.  These are the throwaways in the decluttering process or the things that go into the donation bags.  Or these might be the habits that are discarded forever because they are no longer useful.  Lumpy flour does not a smooth gravy make.  Less than excellent habits ultimately create havoc.

The decluttering happens before the organizing. The organizing happens when the coveted possessions, routines, relationships, thoughts, are ready to be honored and put into a system.  This is what happened to me one morning this week.

I woke up and my  mind was racing.  I had different categories of thought bouncing around with no place to land.  I realized in that moment that I needed to get up, go to the table and organize my thoughts. They were important and paving the way to my future.  They just needed a system so they could be utilized.

It took a few minutes; I created a notebook with a different page for each category.  This organizing method allowed me to see projects that could be fulfilled and projects that needed the cooperation of others.  Then, with lightning power, I was able to access my inner life project.  I knew what I needed to do stay on my inner track of production for myself.  This would directly impact the progress of my projects.

My willingness to organize my truth took me into the ultimate service to myself.

Now, days later, many of my thought patterns organized, I am more peaceful.  Many projects have been completed.  My mind is now free to welcome in new thoughts.

Organizing thought is just as important as organizing things.  In fact, the organization of thought is essential to a successful clutter-clear and organizing system.

If you have many thoughts racing thought that brilliant mind of yours, try sitting down and organizing them into a system.  You will swiftly find the thoughts that have no real home in your mind and be able to discard them and then pay attention to the thoughts and ideas that are advantageous to you right now.  You will mine your mind.  You will find your gold and honor yourself by organizing it into a working plan. I know that you will create wonderful results.

Declutter – Organize – Honor- Results.  An invitation for joy and ease.  There is now room for it.


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Laura Selis
Laura Selis

Ellen, thank you again! Not only is it perfect timing, as I realize I am feeling the backlog of thoughts, but it’s also so beautifully written. I feel held as I read your words. Love your posts. Happy 2012 to all. xo


Thanks so much! Yes, a backlog of thoughts is the perfect wording and makes so much sense as we end one year and start another. This prioritizing of thought goes so very far. Thanks, Laura, again.

Jean Reehl
Jean Reehl

Dearest Ellen – I am so enjoying your precious words. This mornings “words of wisdom” made a huge impact, as this is just what I need to do but couldn’t figure out how to begin. I now have a starting place and I thank you for that. Fondest regards, Jean Reehl


Thank you, Jean and lovely to hear from you! I am so glad that this made sense for you. It really works!


Kathy Hoyer

Happy New years and time to get organized! I find the more organized I am in my mind that my environment follows. I love the idea of a new page for each category!
Thanks Ellen for this inspiration…I am in the middle of organizing and planing the new year.


Kathy, yes the individual page seems to give each category the space that it deserves. It is amazing how quickly it all comes together as our thoughts are harnessed and put in place on the paper. Thanks, Kathy!

Carolyn Monjoi

This muse struck several chords with me. I noticed the water in my bathroom sink was not draining properly, cleaned it, and suddenly realized my life hadn’t been flowing to my satisfaction lately. It’s working and I’m determined to declutter and clean and do whatever I have to do to keep that flow moving. To help me organize, mentally and physically, I hired a handyman to take care of the things I was either putting off or couldn’t do myself. He’s still here painting, fixing my dishwasher, etc, etc. I had a list a mile long and it is now… Read more »



This is a great testimonial to YOU and your commitment to stay clear and focused. I am so glad that you moved to action immediately and forwarded your process so swiftly! I always notice that when I do what you have done today that the energy just lines up for new relationships and work. So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!


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