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Eyes Wide Open

Taking a magnifying glass to my life and getting it, really getting it, just the way it is, takes me deep into my reality and a power spot.  Yes, a power spot. Why, you might ask? Because seeing and knowing what is there without resistance is powerful.  Resistance and judgment hold hands and the handshake […]


More or Less

I love warehouse shopping; having enough chicken broth to last a good long time and enough apples to bake a pie, have a daily snack and add to salads serves me.  I love the plethora of choices and the bulk pricing.  The drawback is that I can accumulate a lot of leftovers and crowded shelf  […]


It All Comes Together

There is the moment when you wake up and the day brings you the realization that you have reached the place where you wanted to be.  It feels like an “overnight success”; all of a sudden, there you are with the results that you wanted and all is well. But it is all of the […]


Silence is a Language

When I watch a good drama, for me, the most moving scenes are those where a conversation is held in silence;  expressive eyes, a turn of the head, a mouth softened or hardened, a gesture.  These are communications, yes, but the silence says more. Observing silence is a good thing.  Interpreting silence may not be. […]



I have a few orchids that were given to me by friends.  One of them was looking very unhappy with one lone leaf.  I was thinking that perhaps it was ready for orchid heaven.  When I pulled on the leaf, the roots held firm. They told me, “I am still alive. Not only that,  I […]


Your Voice needs the Listen

Your Voice needs the Listen. Your Words need the Speak. Your Throat needs the Sound. Your Life needs the Change. Your Heart needs the Love. Your Mind needs the Thought. Your Body needs the Nourish. Your Soul needs the Stroking. Your Legs need the Walk. Your Arms need the Hold. Your Creativity needs the Idea. […]


Driving and Shopping

I drive home along the mountains.  It makes me happy.  There is a shorter way through the city, but it is not as pretty and uncomplicated as this way.  The way I choose has tree-lined streets and little neighborhoods. I like that. I have started to shop at a different grocery store.  It makes me […]



This morning, I was looking for a certain something.  I knew exactly what I needed and why.  I sort of  knew where it was.  And then, I found it.  The relief, the joy, the absolute grounding I felt in my body, was amazing. Lost and Found. I remember the Lost and Found area when I […]



The wonderful thing about layers, living in them,  going through them, removing them,  is that it gets you to the bones.  The bones of a situation, the bones of a home, the bones of a life. There are bones to a house.  Deep beneath the outer structure, lies the bones.  It is the way that […]


Our Work

I was in a conversation the other day with a colleague who was relating a situation in her workplace that needed tending. And then she said, “But that is not my work now. My work is to take care of myself and keep myself healthy.” Choices. Priorities.  If we were to take care of every […]

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