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Living in the Small, Designing the Big

Living in the Small…Designing the Big

It is how we live in the Small that forms our relationship with the design of the Big.

The Small is the place of longing.  It is the place  that has no lift-off.

It is a resting place. A pause.  For some, it becomes the place.

When occupants in the Small decide that lift- off is okay, they start to design runways to the Big.

The Big holds your dreams and it is there when your actions catch up with your intentions.

The Big is the next step.

Where do you live?


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For some reason I feel as if I am on the edge of living in the BIG! Thank you for coming back into my life at this important time.


Hi Jan, so glad that this is timely for you. In Feng Shui, we say 2 words a lot, “divine timing”. When it is right, everything and everyone lines up! Sounds like it is your time!


Ellen – this one rocked my boat! I just LOVE how you translate your thoughts into poetry and metaphors of words! I have definitely been living in the Small – and it has been perfect – because the Now Big was forming then. I really like the reframe about the quiet fallow times of life – they are just as important. Much love to you as always. Shivam


Great, Shivam. Yes, whatever it is we are wanting is always at work to formulate into our present now matter where we are in our process of life. So glad that you know that.

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